What are the benefits of Juicing?

The majority of people in the UK don't eat enough fruit and vegetables. Eating enough fruit and vegetables during the day can be a CHALLENGE. e.g. When was the last time you ate some SPINACH or BROCCOLI at work? By turning them into juice you get all the nutrients you need within a drink, it’s a quick and tasty way of packing in lots of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, phytonutrients and live enzymes that we need for optimum health.  It’s a natural “fast food”: easily drunk, digested, absorbed, and can be incorporated into most people's busy lives.

Did you know that the most important enzymes and micronutrients are in raw vegetables and get destroyed by heating and cooking them? So even pasteurised, canned or jarred vegetable juices are no match for raw juices full of goodness. By juicing your vegetables instead of eating them, your body will absorb the vitamins and nutrients that are required. Juicing will aid in weight loss and help with maintaining a healthy weight. It will strengthen your immune system and regulate blood sugars and blood pressure. It increases energy and vitality and will help give you clear, smooth and hydrated skin.

Did you know the benefits of incorporating juice into your daily routine are -

  • Increased energy
  • More focus 
  • Incredible health
  • Vibrancy
  • Less bloating

Why do we need to Juice?

  • To keep our body in good health.
  • To make sure that our body gets filled with all the good fuel you can give it.
  • To make our body feel good, feel vibrant and energetic every day.
  • Everyone should be trying to get the recommended 6-8 servings of fruits and vegetables every day, juicing is an easy way to make sure you reach that daily target.
  • Most “healthy” juices from the supermarkets such as orange juice and apple juice are pasteurised, full of preservative, colourings and full of sugars.
  • Most fresh juices contain fresh and raw ingredients which means no sugars have been added, not been processed, no colourings or preservative have been added. This will be one of the most natural ways to nourish your body. It all comes straight from the earth and the trees that mother earth has created for us to eat and enjoy.
  • Maintain healthy weight
  • Help reduce symptoms of many common health conditions such as IBS, Acne, Fatigue, arthritis and eczema


Why not just eat it?

We just don't…. Over time through eating and drinking the wrong kind of things our digestive systems become over loaded and less efficient.  As we get older our enzyme accounts gets depleted which means the body can't absorb the maximum amount of nutrients from the food we eat.  The nutrients in raw live juice are extremely easy for the body to digest, extract the nutrients and dispose of the waste.


Different ways to incorporate juice

BREAKFAST TO GO: No need to skip breakfast. Use juice as a healthy nutritional meal replacement for those busy mornings.
QUICK NUTRIENT FIX: Grab a juice for in between meals instead of an unhealthy snack, or use to compliment a balanced diet.
JUICE CLEANSE: It's a great way to kick start a healthy eating plan, and it gives  your body a rest from digestion.
GYM BUNNIES: Great to drink pre/post workout.